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Chapter Five, Cruise day 3

Captain David Sven Rogers tapped his pen in a brisk rat-a-tat on the paper he had been working on.  He was extremely annoyed.  Not only was he sitting here waiting with their other partner, but Goulet was late!  The captain made a mental note to meet with Goulet alone at a later date to make sure he understood just who was in charge.

He hated to make this meeting during the day when anyone could stop by his office, and he had pulled Wilbur from his navigation duties to attend, using the excuse of needing him to help order some new equipment.  There was nothing else he could do.  It was time to plan the move.  It had to happen right after Cozumel, and there must be no screw-ups.

The door opened, and Robert arrived.

“Well, Mr. Goulet, what a pleasure”, the captain stated.

“Sorry, Cap, I was detained on duty”.  Robert nodded hello to Wilbur.  Wilbur looked like a scared little kid, but was probably somewhere around 35.  His red hair sticking up in the back crown like he had a bad night and clothes looking like he tried to clean up and look good but missed the mark, led Robert to doubt the old man’s mental capacity in selecting him.

“Did your ‘duty’ involve a certain dark-haired young lady you’ve been seen escorting around the ship?”  The sarcasm dripped from the Captain’s lips, and his eyes spoke volumes to Robert.

Robert returned the look, saying curtly, “I was off duty.  Let’s get on with this.”

Captain Rogers decided now was not the time; they would deal with the situation when Wilbur leaves the room. “All right Robert, what do you have for us?”

“As usual, I will pick up the shipment at the Sundown bar scheduled at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, one hour after we arrive in Cozumel, and drop it off in Wilbur’s room.  It will be incorporated into the wooden transfer coffin base by Wilbur sometime around midnight.  As we already decided, Wilbur will fake a drunken fall in the Blue Room around 1:00 a.m. in front of several witnesses; I will help him to his cabin.  Our doctor will be in his usual drug and alcohol-induced stupor, but with his altered nightcap, he will be unable to awaken.  Around 6:00 a.m. I will transfer Wilbur’s ‘body’ to the refrigerated storage area, awaiting the doctor to sign the cause of death certificate.  Questions?”

“Well, what if you have questions from people?” asked Wilbur.

“I know you are new at this Wilbur, but trust me, no one will ask questions as long as we all do our jobs properly.  If really pushed, we will say that we cannot discuss other passenger issues”,  Robert explained.

“Will the doctor sign a death certificate when I am not dead?” asked a concerned-looking Wilbur.

                                                                                              Look for the next “STORYTIME” segment to learn more!

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