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collage-circle1To The Writer is an online writing club created to assist new and seasoned writers or poets in the areas of:  procrastination, research, proofreading, editing, or marketing.

Our mission is to assist writers in achieving their goals by providing the support needed to start or continue their work.  This includes editing, research, proofreading–assuring  quality submissions toward acceptance for publication, and direct submissions to magazines or book publishers of your choice.

Our service includes:

  • Quarterly newsletter with latest updates on poetry, fiction and non-fiction market status. Occasionally, published authors sharing their experiences and struggles; other clients willing to share how they manage their writing efforts.
  • Proofreading and editing, books, magazine articles, business marketing, etc.
  • Publishing Efforts; How, Who, When and Why.

Should you experience To The Writer?

Heard from our clients:

“I will learn how others deal with the same procrastination I face.  I will make friends who may be able to assist me in different perspectives.”

“I may read of a published author who shares the what-not-to-do or to do in negotiating my work for publication.”

IMG_5944“I don’t have time to do the research needed for my book. I want to reach goals that, at this time, I do not see happening. If To The Writer can get me where I want to be in my writing, including actual publication, I would be very grateful!”

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To The Writer serves all through the miracle of the internet.  Do you enjoy writing poetry? Fiction? Non-fiction? Short stories? Comic books? Or have you always wanted to write, but never get to it? Sign-up for our newsletter and join other local writers, from novices to experts, to share, commiserate, encourage, inspire, support. If you need some feedback on your first writing efforts, are ready to consider publishing, or are already published, please contact us.  We are always looking for input for our newsletter.   Let us help you make the most of your writing gift!  Contact B. through for more information.