Chapter 2 Day 2 Tuesday

“Don’t you think it sounds marvelous?”  Betty Lou asked, starry-eyed.

“No.  I think you are wasting your time with Mr. Sinister shyster.  Should I ask if this romance was consummated?”

By the look on her fallen face, I may have gone too far.  Betty Lou went into her pouting mode.  I tried to improve the situation.

“Well, let’s just see how it goes.  Don’t you want to hear about ‘Bull’?”

That worked.  After a few minutes of general chit chat about last evening, she reluctantly asked me to tell her about Bull.  I shared with her that his name is Ferdinand Edward West, and that, naturally, his nickname of “Bull” is easy to understand. “He and his co-worker won a sales contest, and this cruise was their prize!” I gushed, ” They sold more copiers than any other partner team in the last six months!  They are both cute and so cool.  Actually, I couldn’t wait to tell you that I agreed we would meet them for dinner tonight..I hope that’s alright?”  Before she could speak  I moved on, ” Now, don’t be mad Betty Lou.  I didn’t know you and Mr. Sinister were an item when I agreed to dinner.  Please don’t let me down in this…I will owe you for the rest of my life!”  I was watching Betty Lou’s face closely, and I could see her wheels turning.  “I reallllly like Bull and want your opinion of him, plus he will be happy that his friend has someone for a dinner partner.  PLEASE!”

“The things I do for you, Judy Lane!  What will Robert think?”

“Oh, you can meet him after the dinner and show and explain,” I reasoned.

“So, ” she asked, “was your romance consummated?

My eyebrows did one of those double lifts.

“O.K.”  Betty Lou smiled, “Details later?  I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours!  Let’s get some sun…wait, what show?”

Chapter 3, Day 2

At the FBI office in Tampa, two gentlemen were looking at a computer screen.  The scene happened to be the Princess of the Ocean.  The encrypted message they just received creates an exchange between them.

“Do you think things are going O.K.?” asked the bald, chubby man, while sipping his coffee.

“Couldn’t be better,” said the other, “Fish are biting reads the translation..we have three people on board, nothing can stop us now.  What does DEA say?”

“Says when the Eagle lands, they are ready.”

“Bull never stops, does he?” asked one.

“Nope” said the other.

The ringing phone forced the bald man to put down his coffee, slowly amble to the desk and pick up the phone.  “Eagle Angle”, he answered.  “Yes, we just checked.  No, we see no reason to delay.”  Hanging up the phone he ambled back to the computer, picked up his coffee and said, “Well, looks like we are on.”

At poolside Bull and Bud are enjoying the sun.  Bull waved.  Bud asked, “Who are you waving to?”

After looking around to see who might be listening, Bull replied “To Pete and Eddie.”

“Who?” asked Bud.

“The guys at the Tampa office.”

“They can’t see you.”

“Sure they can; how do you think they know where and how we are?”

“Duh, you send them messages.”

“Yes, but our satellite is taking in the sun, us and the Princess of the Ocean.”

“What did you say? asked Mae.

“Oh, hello Mrs. Walker.  I just mentioned how I like taking in the sun with my friend on the Princess of the Ocean”, Bull smoothly responded.

Mae and Fred Walker had traveled a lot since he retired.  He had plenty to travel with; Walker Feed and Seed, Ohio statewide, had provided.  Growing up within a mile of each other they had gone all through school, college, three children, one grandchild and a successful business.   Now it was time to relax and enjoy themselves.

They had been at the dinner table last night and enjoyed the company of two lovely ladies from Kentucky.  Mae was the type of woman who, when experiencing the lives of others, liked to make their business her business.  An endearing quality, actually, although those in her ladies church group implied she is a little too nosy.

Mae always makes sure she introduces herself and her husband to everyone within a two feet area.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it gentlemen?” Mae asked.

“Certainly is”, Bull replied as he and Bud collected their beach towels to leave.  “Have a good one”  Bull threw the words casually over his shoulder as they departed.

Bud said, “Gee that was a little abrupt, don’t ya think??”

“Don’t worry, Mae is immune to abrupt.”

Bud shook his head and smiled as he looked back to see Mae already chatting with other folks at the pool.

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