We all want to be healthy, and the need seems to increase with the number of birthdays we experience!  How many times did you hear an older relative complain about aching back, sore knees, neck pain, etc., along with a statement about getting older.

Unfortunately, getting older isn’t the be-all and start-all of pain.  Reasons are endless.  Ask yourself how often you are in the recliner daily, as opposed to when you were younger.  One lady I know decided she no longer had to worry about weight or her looks since  she is now a grandmother.  Mercy sakes!  If you stand back, look around at others, you will identify immobility as a culprit.  A man once said, “Give me ten minutes a day, and you will lose weight, pain and the aging process.”  In other words, move continuously only ten minutes a day for improvement!  How hard can that be?  Ah, but the young at heart attitude is, I believe at the heart of it all, no pun intended.

I just saw a television program this morning in which Anderson Cooper, a CNN TV Anchor and son of Gloria Vanderbilt, shared their family album and some stories with Rita Braver on CBS News.  It is highly recommended that you look up and enjoy this interchange.  What I took away was that Gloria never plans (drives son bananas), and always thinks there is another exciting possibility right around the corner.  She is 92, now, but Anderson says she still thinks there might be a guy waiting on a boat in the south of France.  To quote Anderson “My Mom is the most sort of young and optimistic person I know.”

Anyway, she looks pretty health to me!  Pain…what pain?

You will find the full report at and son



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