OK..I know highdance is not a word, but we all do a lot of it when we are trying to juggle paying for our bills, our needs and our wants.

What about this year; will we do a better job?  Here are some thoughts for you to highdance to:

1.  How much do you need a month to meet your current bills?  (Plus some to save.)

2.  Are you planning to put aside at least 10% of your income for:  Future, rainy day and emergency spending?  (Read The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason…if that does not trip your trigger, read Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill..both oldies but goodies.)   You should have at least three month’s worth of wages stashed at any given time and a regular savings for future.

3.  You should know your net worth (add up all you own and subtract what you owe).  Bank loans will no doubt ask for this info. on their forms at loan application; if you know your net worth you will be better prepared than many others.  Once you know, you will be inspired to try to increase your net worth, because we are all worth millions in our own minds, right?.  It’s a no-brainer.  You should be able to go on-line and locate a financial statement that you can download, print out and practice on; it’s a little tricky, but I have all the faith in the world in your intelligence.  Check your net worth quarterly or a couple of times a year.

4.  All this is not set in stone.  Common sense tells us we need to have more money than we spend, the little guy on our shoulder tells us when we should or should not buy.  We just need to listen more and more the closer we get to retirement, ’cause by that time you’ve come a long way baby, and just because you have “always managed” does not guarantee financial security in the future.

5.  Pay off all your credit cards monthly.  I cannot emphasize this too much.

6.  Always look for better ways to save.  I know a gentleman who negotiates his XM Satellite services…and it works!  Who knew?  If you are over 55 the savings at stores, restaurants, etc. are mind-boggling.  Some of them will only give you a discount if you ask..  Don’t be shy.  There is also a list of the major stores, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. who give a discount and how much.  If I run across it I will put it in here for you.

7.  Keep up the good work; it is only January!  Have a Happy and PROSPEROUS New Year!


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