At this newer age, we need to decide what you want to hear about from me. Before you had several subjects, i.e, Financial, Health/Weight, etc, The story, Cabin with a Balcony, is still in place. By now the characters are all standing around on the cruise ship wondering what happens next. Let me know what you would like to hear; otherwise, I will just wing it for now. I fully intend to complete the novel; not sure the chapters idea was the greatest for posting. I may finish, publish and advise.

The Covid experience has had its way with all of us. I wonder if any of you have started to enter the writing field as a result? Would love to hear your stories. Books and movies will result from some of these! Hope you are working on what interests you most.

Although I would like to see full communication and sharing on The Barb Blog section of this site, a few requests are that politics and religion be the only subjects that we stay away from. I hope to hear from you soon!




Hello! Am back to try a re-connect to my blogs, i.e. Stories, Health, and Finance.

Still looking for more of you to join the Newsletter that will begin again in October, 2018!

New address: To The Writer
778 Scenic Gulf Drive, 416B
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

Hope to hear from you soon; will be updating the site with correct information.
Thank you for hanging in there!



Deciding that Emily, our Golden Doodle (Emiline Doodahlia as registered) would appreciate some attention, I thought spending some time on the site with you would make her very happy!

She will be five years old this Summer, and her hobbies are:   Watching her peeps to make sure they don’t go away, watching the house for them if they do, and being a good girl.  Her purpose for living is:  Playing ball with Mommy and Daddy (us peeps), and/or sometimes with others if they are interested.  Her favorite snacks are something with lamb and/or peanut butter.  She really enjoys having a water dish in two separate rooms so that if she gets bored she can make a little trip for a drink..(wow, that sounds familiar, Kathy and Kris!)

If she could talk I am sure she would say “Hi, I like you.  I want you to like me, too!”

Thank you for letting Emily visit for a few moments; she plans to keep watch over the site, and hopes to see you again soon!


OK..I know highdance is not a word, but we all do a lot of it when we are trying to juggle paying for our bills, our needs and our wants.

What about this year; will we do a better job?  Here are some thoughts for you to highdance to:

1.  How much do you need a month to meet your current bills?  (Plus some to save.)

2.  Are you planning to put aside at least 10% of your income for:  Future, rainy day and emergency spending?  (Read The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason…if that does not trip your trigger, read Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill..both oldies but goodies.)   You should have at least three month’s worth of wages stashed at any given time and a regular savings for future.

3.  You should know your net worth (add up all you own and subtract what you owe).  Bank loans will no doubt ask for this info. on their forms at loan application; if you know your net worth you will be better prepared than many others.  Once you know, you will be inspired to try to increase your net worth, because we are all worth millions in our own minds, right?.  It’s a no-brainer.  You should be able to go on-line and locate a financial statement that you can download, print out and practice on; it’s a little tricky, but I have all the faith in the world in your intelligence.  Check your net worth quarterly or a couple of times a year.

4.  All this is not set in stone.  Common sense tells us we need to have more money than we spend, the little guy on our shoulder tells us when we should or should not buy.  We just need to listen more and more the closer we get to retirement, ’cause by that time you’ve come a long way baby, and just because you have “always managed” does not guarantee financial security in the future.

5.  Pay off all your credit cards monthly.  I cannot emphasize this too much.

6.  Always look for better ways to save.  I know a gentleman who negotiates his XM Satellite services…and it works!  Who knew?  If you are over 55 the savings at stores, restaurants, etc. are mind-boggling.  Some of them will only give you a discount if you ask..  Don’t be shy.  There is also a list of the major stores, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. who give a discount and how much.  If I run across it I will put it in here for you.

7.  Keep up the good work; it is only January!  Have a Happy and PROSPEROUS New Year!


Hello all!

How are we doing after the holidays?  Feel like you have been run over by a big red truck?

Be careful out there; now is not the time to be needy!  The Flu, which peaks between December and February, has been said to be widespread in 36 states.  This from the AP, MARQUETTE, MI. via Toledo Blade, Jan. 2, 2015, which states that some Upper Peninsula hospitals are restricting visits to prevent further flu outbreaks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the proportion of deaths related to the infection in the United States has reached the epidemic threshold.  The Michigan hospitals’ restrictions are basically limiting visits to closely related family.  Children younger than 14 are not allowed unless they have medical appointments or are visiting the emergency room.  Children younger than 13 and anyone with flu-like symptoms are not permitted to visit patients at UP Health System-Portage.  I will be on the look-out for other such actions in the states to post.  If you find any similar, please share!

Hello All!

Just a note to tell you how excited I am in actually having a “blog”, as well as starting my new company:  TO THE LETTER

TO THE LETTER is established to incorporate my writing, poetry, and copywriting into one manageable entity.  Can this really be done, you ask.  Well, we will just have to wait and see.

Writing:  Currently in process of writing a novel about two young ladies taking their first cruise, lookin’ for love, (of course), and stumbling into a dangerous drug investigation.

Poetry:  One of my loves that just pours out from time to time; all has to rhyme and have a good “beat”!

Copywriting:  Specializing in Health and Finance, not necessarily in that order!

I subscribe to several writing mags; take certification classes with AWAI, and hold memberships in several writing clubs.

Owned a health-related company for a number of years, and hold a certificate in Stock Market training through On-line Trading Academy.

Here we go!  More to come!   With the start of a new year we have a lot to say about Health, and about Finance.  I hope to stagger these for your information, as well as share more about “Cabin With a Balcony” (the novel) and a poem or so.