Deciding that Emily, our Golden Doodle (Emiline Doodahlia as registered) would appreciate some attention, I thought spending some time on the site with you would make her very happy!

She will be five years old this Summer, and her hobbies are:   Watching her peeps to make sure they don’t go away, watching the house for them if they do, and being a good girl.  Her purpose for living is:  Playing ball with Mommy and Daddy (us peeps), and/or sometimes with others if they are interested.  Her favorite snacks are something with lamb and/or peanut butter.  She really enjoys having a water dish in two separate rooms so that if she gets bored she can make a little trip for a drink..(wow, that sounds familiar, Kathy and Kris!)

If she could talk I am sure she would say “Hi, I like you.  I want you to like me, too!”

Thank you for letting Emily visit for a few moments; she plans to keep watch over the site, and hopes to see you again soon!

2 thoughts on “EMILY

  1. Emily is a very dedicated peep and house watcher! Not sure if she would’ve enjoyed the dog beach, tho. Too much going on for such a reserved girl! Love her- mutton and Raven said to say hello.


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