She ate a lot of turkey,

She shopped until she dropped,

partied until New Year’s Day..

But then the music stopped.

January, bleak and grey,

everyone was glum.

 Knowing Spring was on its way

just couldn’t boost the fun.

February rolled around

and hearts in love all throbbed

Happy, happy flowers and all!

But then the music stopped.

March entered like a lamb.

A lot of green was worn.

Around the end of month we found

the school Spring break was born.

April shinned its lovely light.

Hope spun like a top.

Watched for Springtime’s fun and warmth..

But then the music stopped.

April showers brought May flowers,

All their colors popped.

Memorial Day was welcomed.

But then the music stopped.

June, Moon and Honeymoon,

In the sea she bobbed.

Came back home and back to work,

But then the music stopped.

July the 4th..oh what a day!

Her neighbors all were shocked,

when fireworks left their calling cards..

But then the music stopped.

August, well, was sort of sad.

Summer’s ending; fun was robbed.

Vacay over; back to school.

And then the music stopped.

September led the waiting time,

The corn has left the cob.

New adventures beckon,

But then the music stopped.

October calls for making way,

Its holiday’s not robbed,

Halloween’s enjoyed by all..

But then the music stopped.

The months, the years have come and gone

The lights are growing dim,

She knows she fought a battle

that she can never win.

But discovery with a smile she shares

 as the following words are dropped

“Oh my, oh my,” she says aloud,

“The music NEVER stopped!”